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Long time, no post

I’ve taken up a day job, and that has been brutal on the writing schedule, but things are calming down and hopefully I’ll be able to put pen to paper more often soon. Or fingers to keyboard to be more precise.

So in the interest of flooding the internet with more inane band-width devouring chatter I’m going to be back here more often, possibly not so much with updates on my progress, but with updates on the world… you know, in case you haven’t gotten out of the house this month.

Lets start with a bit of inspiration Lindsey Stirling, also know as Lindsey Stomp, check out this talented young lady on YouTube, and if you like what you hear and see buy her stuff on iTunes.

Now I wouldn’t normally spruke  on my pages but this is a way of supporting an independent artist and hopefully keeping alive alternatives to the ($ over art) stranglehold of the larger distributors.