I have two passions, writing, and helping people. Well technically I have three passions, writing, helping people and just being generally amazed by the wonder and complexity of the world we live in. Unfortunately I can’t make a living out of that third one, at least not without developing higher maths skills and restarting a career in the sciences from scratch.

I’ve worked in Community Services and Education in one form or another since I left University in 98, though much of that has been in administrative functions rather than actual content delivery. I did break with that to teach English as a Second Language in Korea for a while, and did a little bit of adult education when I returned.

During my career I’ve worked both sides of the HR IR debate, dabbled in graphic and web design, written policy, proofed documents, paid people and chased grants. I’ve taught English and Content Management Systems, helped staff, clients and students navigate complex legislation and interpreted policy into ‘real speak’. I’ve met Jesus twice (one medicated, one not), walked students to and from their colleges after dark, spend a time in japan just to renew my visa, and negotiated the complex dance of intrigue that is getting a motel in Korean. Yet my greatest challenge was finding western sized clothing in Asia before I froze to death.


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