China vs US… who’s our sugar daddy?

How many soldiers left with nothing to do now that Iraq is being emptied, and let’s face it, not all of them will be willing to return to civilian life.

What’s the solution? Post them to Australia!

If the US really is hoping to use us as an entry point into the asia-pacific (now that Europe can’t afford to play ball) it’s going to need another response point to protect shipping from the pirate activity in those crowded waters.

In the mean time let’s leave all those heavily armed folks, from a gun-crazy culture, in the hottest part of our nation with little but croc infested waters and posi0nous fauna to keep them occupied. They’ll either use up their surplus ammo, or get eaten/stung/bitten and generate more work for the medical corp.

It also helps explain why Kevin has been shuffled off into a corner… if we’re going to be friends with benefits with the US again the Beijing friendly former PM had to be hidden away like a dirty secret.


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