International Coming Out Day

October 11 was the American National Coming out day, an event that has spread world wide. It is of course closely followed by National “My son isn’t gay day”, International “Not as long as you live under my roof day” and the “I don’t understand, according to his sock draw he’s pro-lesbian Week”.

Okay I mock, a little, but it must be terribly hard in small communities, or in those without exposure to the gay community. I’ve been in or around higher education since I left high-school, the sort of judgement free environment where girls kissing and boys holding hand may catch the eye, but is hardly comment worthy.

Good luck to everyone leaving the closet, and to those forcibly ejected, and especially to those in the American army who can now reveal why exactly they want to be surrounded by men in uniform (the Village People have a lot to answer for). And for those down here in the burnt land a few recent rays of hope on that front with the SA Liberal leader coming out in favour of same sex marriage.  I’m hoping we’ll soon see same-sex legal marriages, commitment for life to another person should be respected, regardless of their gender.

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