Science to the Rescue – Episode 001

These are the modern wonders that make me so glad to live in such a progressive age, an age where human potential is fast outstripping the imaginations of our parents, much less our grandparents… but I am still waiting for my flying car.

Geek power helps to unravel the problems of HIV. We have harnessed that need to win, that creative drive and doggedness that inevitable result in my head getting blown off my a teenager every time I enter an online FPS. Yes the gamer community has helped the scientific one in the fight to combat AIDS.

Massive progress on the cure for cancer as reported by the New York Times In summary billions of T-cells were extracted, reprogrammed and sent back in to destroy cancers.

A good look at the min min lights, something that is harder to do then you might think, gives one possible (and highly plausible) explanation but does not detract of the wonder of the phenomena light but rather makes them all the more awe inspiring


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